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What Innovative Immersion Tour Programs offers you:

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Fun groups

Innovative Immersion Tour Programs does all the work for you. We have over 10 years experience in leading groups and have traveled extensively in all of the destinations that we visit. We make your reservations, lead your tours, arrange your homestay or hotel, classes and even pick you up at the airport when you arrive. We take care of you from the beginning of the trip planning stages all the way through the last day of your trip. It is the most hassle-free vacation you will probably ever take. We guarantee the success of our programs because we are the owners and operators of the company!

We take excellent care of our customers. Our staff goes on every trip with you to make sure that everything is taken care of. If there is a problem, we take care of it. We go above and beyond the normal tour company’s service. This is why we have so many customers who repeat our tours.

Innovative Immersion Tour Programs offers numerous little extra details that make a big difference in the quality of our programs. Some of these unique details are:


Pre-trip planning information
Help in planning additional tours, volunteer opportunities, etc

Monteverde Guide - We use local private guides who are experts in the flora, fauna, history, culture, etc of the country we are visiting.


Our programs are flexible. If you need arrangements that are not part of the normal package, we are happy to help. Whether it be coming home early, not taking Spanish classes, having a friend or family member go to visit you and stay at your homestay- whatever the request- we do our absolute best to make it happen!


We also use native guides during our tours in each country. For example, at Machu Picchu we use a guide that is a descendant of the Incas. In each Spanish town, we have a separate guide who is an expert on the history and offerings of that area.

The in-country guides are well-trained, professional and very knowledgeable about the sites that we will visit. In addition, our group has its own private guides. We don’t mix with other tour programs. This way we ensure the most personalized service and the best cultural experience for our participants!

We use our own buses during our excursions whenever possible. This makes for a much safer and more comfortable ride, as we are able to stop whenever we want and not feel rushed during our excursions. Students always remark at how convenient and special this detail makes the trip!

Traditional dress at Koricancha


Immersion Programs are a way to experience the culture first-hand! With our programs, students are provided much more than just classes. We incorporate cultural activities and excursions in the daily itineraries. We have daily guided visits to local points of interest, such as museums, churches, nearby villages or parks, etc. Students at the school but not on our groups always remark that our programs include so much more sightseeing than their programs. This detail ensures that participants see as much of the country as they can. Our excursions are convenient because everything is already set up for you. No worrying about making reservations, getting lost on the way to a new place or any of the other inconveniences of traveling.

One way to experience the culture is to participate in it. Our classes in dance, music, conversation, cooking, weaving, etc are the way for students to learn first-hand about the Latin American culture. They make learning fun and are a nice way to learn Spanish without sitting in a classroom all day, as all the classes are taught in Spanish. These classes are some of the most popular parts of the whole trip.

Wet Tour in Monteverde - Prepare to get wet
when you go to the rainforest! We use our own private guides and small groups for lots of personalized attention.


Our programs are different from so many others because they are designed to be all-inclusive. By including everything from airfare, school, homestay, most meals, books and materials and daily activities, students do not have to come up with a lot of out-of-pocket expenses. Tips for meals and bus drivers are included.

Every day we have a full day of activities planned for our students. Most students say that they spend about an extra $100 per week on incidentals such as taxis, nightlife, etc. Past group members have said they have been very pleasantly surprised at the amount of activities that our programs include. From welcome dinners to weekend tours, II Tours makes sure you are as busy as you want to be!


Our staff has vast experience in leading groups. We work with the same schools and same families for homestays every year. We have visited all the sites that we use in our programs and can assure that each location offers something unique and interesting to visitors. We can personally ensure superb teachers, excellent cultural activities and lots of one-on-one attention. How? Because we have been there, done that!

Challenging courses


The school provides all books and materials to each student. You will be given a short oral exam before you are placed in the appropriate class. If you wish to switch classes at any time, this is possible. The school uses the communicative approach to teaching and the classes are designed around the interests of the students. Cultural lessons are always incorporated.

The class schedule is planned for morning or afternoon sessions. This way you can take advantage of extra free time to see the sights and visit places of interest. The classes are very small - up to 6 students per class.


In addition to the regular Spanish programs, more specialized programs are available year-round for those who are interested. Our professional program caters to those who work in the medical, teaching, or law professions. We also have special classes for native Spanish speakers who may want to learn more about the culture, or practice their Spanish to become certified translators.


Some programs offer college credits. There are various ways in which a student can receive credit for his or her time abroad. Please inquire if this interests you.


Cooking classes

Activities are scheduled daily with our group programs. Sometimes a cost is associated with these activities, such as entrance fees, which is not included. However, museums, a visit to the open-air markets and other activities are offered at no cost. A sign-up sheet will be posted in the office for OUR group. Also, we encourage volunteer work whenever available and we will be happy to help you plan a short volunteer opportunity. Students receive generous discounts on most tours and excursions. Generally, this amounts to 25% off but can be as large as 40% off! You will be provided with a price list prior to departure.

Check out our tour leaders!

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