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About IITOURS.COM Tour Leaders Lead a Group! Testimonials & Comments
  • “Your organization was flawless. The trip was more than I ever expected. I would definitely recommend this trip.” John Green-Costa Rica
  • “My family was excellent; friendly and warm. I loved the school and really practiced my Spanish a lot.” JoAnne-Spain.
  • “I loved being in the same place for more than 2 days! This trip really gave me time to learn about Spanish culture and history.” Michelle J.-Costa Rica
  • “I consider myself a seasoned traveler having lived in Italy and explored several other continents on my own. In the last few years I have taken two trips with Innovative Immersion Tours, one to Peru and another to Costa Rica. Both have been a highlight in my traveling experience. Each and every detail was gracefully handled by Melissa Withers. What fun we had without feeling at any time like a tour group being herded. We felt like we were really "locals", a part of the country, while having a new experience almost every day. Mellissa and Jorge went out of their way to accommodate any special individual needs we might desire. All in all, these trip felt like going somewhere with a group of friends all really interested in learning. I hope to go again with them sometime in the future.” Jett Walker-Costa Rica & Peru
  • “I spent a lot less extra money than I would have on another trip! Everything was awesome!” Stacy-Costa Rica
  • “There was never a time when I was bored and wanted to go home. I seriously cannot think of one aspect of the trip where I was not having the best time of my life.” Leah Rose-Costa Rica
  • “The price of the package was very fair. The guides were excellent. Overall, the tour was a huge success and I am sure everyone on my group felt the same!” David-Costa Rica
  • "I loved my family, they made me feel welcome. The group was great and we all became really good friends. The school was fun and it was worth every penny. I want to go with you guys to Guatemala next. " Kristina Tallman-Spain
  • “ I cannot say enough wonderful things about traveling with II TOURS ! I had asked Mellissa to arrange some special side trips, and the plane tickets were purchased, the jungle hotels booked, no loose ends to worry about while we were free to enjoy ourselves in wonderful Costa Rica ! And they treated all the trip members with the same personalized service. Plus, they know the be st places to eat and shop (and drink) wherever you are and always take the time to make sure everyone is having a great time! Dr Anne Brennan, Costa Rica
  • “My trips to Costa Rica and Peru were great experiences. I learned more Spanish in three weeks of immersion than I did in a year of college Spanish.” Kirk Hardie-Costa Rica & Peru
  • “Excellent, well-planned, and a reasonably priced package-What else can a traveler ask for?? I have complete confidence in this tour company and will recommend it to everyone I know.” Crystal Hamb-Costa Rica
  • “Muchas gracias por todo! Everything was excellent. I definitely got more caring than I anticipated.” Nina A-Costa Rica
  • “I stayed with a family, which I would not have had elsewhere. I truly had an opportunity to experience the culture. It was great!!! I have complete confidence in recommending II TOURS to anyone.” Tom M.-Spain
  • “The accommodations were really good. I was expecting some student or backpacker-type places. But you guys came through once again. Congratulations on a great program! Hope to see you again on another trip.” Daniel D-Costa Rica
  • "Well-organized, and Mellissa and Jorge found great hotels and excellent local guides. Mellissa solved the usual travel surprises professionally and efficiently so that we could enjoy the travel without the hassles!" Marian Moe-Costa Rica
  • I had unforgettable experiences on my trips. I really surprised myself with all that I had learned, and met many great people who I will always consider great friends. I had so much fun that my only complaint was I had not found this opportunity sooner. Michael H.-Peru & Costa Rica
  • “You did a wonderful job coordinating everything. I felt that you were there for whatever was needed. The customer support was fantastic.” Carol P-Costa Rica
  • “We received great support from Mellissa and Jorge. We would highly recommend them for their patience and dedication to everyone’s needs. How do you guys do it?” Nancy M-Spain
  • “My homestay experience was wonderful! The tours were fantastic! I loved every minute of the trip.” Emilia Patrick-Costa Rica
  • “Your pre-trip planning really helped me plan our trip. The money was well-spent and the experience was very worthwhile. The tour guides were helpful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.” Jim Scrivano-Costa Rica
  • “Thanks for the incredible experience! Our tour leaders were outstanding. They went over and above the call of duty.” Kristina Ward-Costa Rica
  • “I would encourage anyone to talk to people that have already been. The school, tour guides, families, tours and everything else were the best!!!”
    Sarah Thale-Costa Rica
  • “This tour was really well-thought out and executed. If your other tours are as good, sign me up!” Billie Snow-Peru
  • “I was so impressed with my experience. Whenever there was a hassle or misunderstanding, our tour guides stepped in and took care of everything. I didn’t worry about anything and had a great time!” Judy C-Peru
  • “Thank you so much! I had the time of my life!!! When is the next trip?” Julia D-Costa Rica
  • "Traveling to both Costa Rica and Peru with Mellissa, I always felt safe and well taken care of. Mellissa's fluency in Spanish, along with her meticulous attention to every detail and minute of the trip, truly made my stay in these countries a worry-free vacation with plenty of exciting and amazing experiences." Ree Judge-Costa Rica and Peru
  • "It is truly hard to imagine planning a vacation to another country -- but somehow Mellissa has mastered the feat. More tips than a Frommer's guide, a more extensive knowledge of Spanish grammar than the natives, more focused than a matador, and more organized than the streets of San Jose, Costa Rica, Mellissa has found a way to gain the expertise of one who lives in the country to be able to take you inside the culture and adventure during your vacation." Terra Judge- Costa Rica and Peru